DB4 / 5 / 6 Engine Back Plate 20-01-002


RS Williams Engine Backplate

A significant part of what we specialise in is bespoke, up-graded Aston Martin parts. Increasingly so, some of the original AML parts stock has run-out or if still available, has plenty of margin for improvement. One such item which is both obsolete and benefits from upgrade is the backplate for the DB4, DB5 and DB6 engines.

Originally made from cast aluminium, the potential for improvement was massive when machined from billet aluminium. We designed and manufacture this upgraded component in-house. This major part mounts the gearbox to the engine block and is a critical component in the driveline’s integrity.

The construction technique we use differs from the original component which was cast from molten alloy which is a popular technique but has its limitations in strength. With so many engines now tuned to give large power and torque outputs, the requirement to offer stronger components becomes evermore valid.

Machined from billet aluminium

This direct replacement part is suitable for road use but lends itself particularly well to race cars also.

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