2010 Peking to Paris Rally Car

We are preparing for owner Adrian Gosden and co-driver Andrew Honychurch this 1965 DB5 rally car.

The Peking To Paris Motor Race was held in 1907 for automobiles travelling between Peking (now Beijing) in China and Paris, France. The gruelling route which travelled through many remote areas of Asia covered a distance of 9,317 miles.

This car was originally prepared by ourselves for a previous owner for The Second Peking to Paris Motor Challenge in 1997 which it completed in full. The car has been fully mechanically rebuilt and is now ready for test runs prior to shipping to Beijing for the start on 10th September 2010. The five-week challenge takes a torturous 9050 mile route, taking in Beijing – Great Wall of China – Inner Mongolia – Gobi Desert – Outer Mongolia – Ulan Bator – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Tashkent – Uzbekistan – Samarkand – Turkmenistan – Iran – Tabriz – Turkey – Istanbul – Greece – Italy – France – Paris.

We will have up-to-date information on the team’s progress here during the event. Owner Adrian Gosden is privileged to be the only Aston Martin entrant in the rally and we will have regular GPS location updates from the car as the event progresses.

Link:  Peking to Paris Official Website

3 thoughts on “2010 Peking to Paris Rally Car

  1. Well the car has now travelled its first 1000 miles after the complete mechanical rebuild and is due back at RSW for its first service. No problems with the car, but one or two developing with the co driver. Just read the list of vaccinations I have to have and started to feel decidedly sick! I have also just read the latest newsletter from the organisers of the Peking to Paris, (P2P) who have advised that the correct use of the Garmin GPS equipment should be regarded as the difference between life and death. Oh dear, what have we let ourselves in for? Anyway, back to the car, RSW have engineered some very exciting suspension modifications which have given us vital extra height for the Gobi desert section. We are told this was a graveyard for rally cars on previous events. Also I am struggling to find the air conditioning controls but Richard assures me AirCon is fitted.

  2. Nice stickers Adrian! They are going to make all the difference….my fitness and diet regieme are not going to well. Managed 5 miles on the mountain bike and broke the chain, thats what comes from not using it for 5 years and not servicing it before use. ( and I am along to do the mechanical side of things) . Had to push it home and was so exhausted at the end of that, I had to sit down with several cold lagers just to recuperate. Ah well, not long now, still got to loose at least a stone in weight or I wont be fitting in the co drivers seat which is designed for Lewis Hamilton as far as I can see, not a corpulent middle aged businessman like me. Anyway, the car is looking fantastic and preparations are now really coming on well, I even told my wife yesterday, that I was going on the event and wouldnt be back for a few weeks. Not heard anything from her since..come to think about it I better check the bank accounts.

  3. On Friday 9th July, we drove the car to Cars UK in Suffolk for shipment to China. Some last minute packing in a nearby Halfords car park was required but the car was in good spirits looking forward to its adventure. Knowing what spares to take on a 36 day rally across extremely harsh tracks/roads is very difficult. We have taken the essentials but have always remembered the organiser’s advice that ‘weight is your worst enemy’.

    The race starts on September 10th, so Andrew and I have two months to get ourselves in shape and swot up on the garmin GPRS and other technological devices we have been instructed to carry.

    Can’t wait to get started on this incredible rally.

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