Aston Martin Short Chassis Volante – 1966

  • RS Williams and specialists history for over 40yrs
  • 4.7ltr upgrade plus substantial mechanical work completed in 2014 in excess of £98,000
  • Factory hardtop fitted and installed in 2017 in excess of £15,000
  • Fastidious history file

When the DB6 started production in 1965, there remained 37 unused DB5 chassis on the Aston Martin workshop floor.

With a shorter wheelbase than the DB6, the chassis were unusable for the new model however it was deemed they could be used for a unique run of convertibles, essentially the last of the DB5C’s with all of the DB6’s refinements.

The result was the Short Chassis Volante, the first Aston to use the Volante name.

Aside from its sportier proportions, the Short Chassis Volante was visually distinct from the earlier DB5C by the DB6 specification quarter bumpers and unique taillight configuration.

With only 37 examples created, this is the lowest production convertible Aston Martin ever.



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