New V8 Steering Wheels

Since its launch in 1969 to end of production in 1990, the V8 in its various guises has had a variety of steering wheels, both 2 and 3 spoke. Each has its foible and strong point. We like the diameter of some, the appearance of another and the feel of one in particular. We like the early V8 Vantage wheel the best yet these remain unobtainable.

We now have available for any DBS or V8 a wheel we feel is just right, both in presence and engagement between driver and road. With a revised grip size and a choice of two diameters, this striking yet restrained 3 spoke wheel sits perfectly in your hands. It is exquisitely crafted from brushed anodized satin black aluminium for the spokes and has and a soft leather rim complete with a cast plastic centre or horn push complete with embedded Aston Martin wing badge. It has a deeper dish than either the early 3 spoke or later 2 spoke wheels. The driving experience is ‘just right’.  A wood version is on the way too.

Take a look at the images below and see for yourself, or better still, visit us for a test drive. Please speak to Neil Thompson on 01932 868377 or for further details and pricing.

V8 Steering WheelV8SteeringWheel05 V8SteeringWheel04 V8SteeringWheel03 V8SteeringWheel02V8SteeringWheel06

Rare Part – 24-26086 – V8 Steering Rack RHD

AM V8 Steering RackAs parts become scarce in supply so the need to replace them can increase. This is a good example of a part which may never be reproduced. This genuine Aston Martin right-hand drive steering rack for 1969 – 1990 V8 models is perfect for restoring the silky smooth steering to your car or ideal for a right-hand drive conversion. Manufactured by Adwest and in extremely limited supply, at the time of publication have 2 available for immediate dispatch. Please call our parts department on 01932 868377 for details or purchase.AM V8 Steering Rack

In The Machine Shop

One thing we are very grateful to have is our own machine shop. It means we can create bespoke components for unique, one-off Aston Martin jobs. It allows us to innovate and push new products. Pictured below is a crankshaft adapter we are machining for a prototype gearbox upgrade. It allows us to link and engine and gearbox never previously mated together. This part is not something available anywhere else.

Machine Shop

Workshop Snapshot

In the Dairy Workshop this week we have been busy converting this stunning DB4 to left-hand drive. The car has previously been fitted with a 4.7 litre GT specification engine plus over-drive but its new owner requires its use in America. The car has been on its first road test and is in the final stages of reassembly.

With original left-hand drive cars being so rare, a well-executed conversion increases a car’s desirability.


Workshop Snapshot

Here’s a look into The Dairy workshop today

From left to right; A left-hand drive DB5 Convertible automatic with column gearchange has had electronic power steering fitted. A DB4 is beginning to be converted to left-hand drive for its Parisien owner plus 4.2 litre engine upgrade. The next DB4 is nearly complete with its left-hand drive conversion. In the background is a work’s DB3S in for preparation, next is a rare DB6 Shooting Brake in for restoration and finally a DB6 is being dismantled for restoration.