1987 V8 Zagato Conversion Pt.3

Following on from parts 1 and 2, we’d like to share progress on a very special project to convert a client’s rare 1987 V8 Vantage Zagato to left-hand drive and 7-litre.  The car is now finished and has been collected by its very happy owner. For a quote to convert your car to left or right-hand drive, please speak to Neil Thompson on 01932 868377 or email nthompson[AT]rswilliams.co.uk

Dashboard installation almost complete

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1987 V8 Zagato Conversion Pt.2

Continuing our article covering some of the details involved in a big project we have been commissioned to undertake to a stunning 1987 V8 Vantage Zagato. You can start with Part 1 here.

The car's engine upgraded to RSW 7 litre specification
The car’s engine upgraded to RSW 7 litre specification.

With its shorter overhangs and more nimble, lightweight Italian bodywork, the V8 Zagato makes for a tempting proposition for modification.

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1987 V8 Zagato Conversion – Pt.1

1987 V8 Vantage Zagato
1987 V8 Vantage Zagato

We recently sold this extremely rare 1987 V8 Vantage Zagato to a French client. The car is an immaculate, low mileage example with just 17,000 miles from new at present. A significant part of the work we are renowned for is big projects and this is no exception. The car was UK-specification, right-hand drive from new and besides a few cosmetic changes, was very much as it was when new. With just 50 examples ever produced, this exclusive supercar is to be made extra-special. Continue reading “1987 V8 Zagato Conversion – Pt.1”

Building The Ultimate DBS

1971 DBS Receives Restoration & Updates

In 1967 Aston Martin introduced the DBS. Powered by the same straight-six all-alloy, twin overhead cam 4-litre engine from its predecessor, producing a quoted 282 bhp. This larger GT car featured more modern styling and the wider body was better able to accommodate four adults. Continue reading “Building The Ultimate DBS”

2010 Peking to Paris Rally Car

We are preparing for owner Adrian Gosden and co-driver Andrew Honychurch this 1965 DB5 rally car.

The Peking To Paris Motor Race was held in 1907 for automobiles travelling between Peking (now Beijing) in China and Paris, France. The gruelling route which travelled through many remote areas of Asia covered a distance of 9,317 miles. Continue reading “2010 Peking to Paris Rally Car”