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Instrument Illumination Upgrade

RS Williams Dash Illumination Upgrade

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Driving a classic car involves an appreciation of how things used to be. With the endless progression of technology constantly seeing to improve and ever refine the driver experience, it can leave some aspects of classic motoring in the dark ages with the driver wishing he had more. Clear instrumentation is a distinct feature of Aston Martins past and present, during the daytime at least. At night however the contrast between 1963 and 2013 is clear to see.

Improvements in instrument illumination have been available for some time now and while they do offer a notable improvement, the progress of technology has provided us with the next generation of upgrade. We are pleased to offer a remarkable upgrade to owners of early DB4, all DB5, DB6, DBS and V8 a new level of lighting for each of your gauges. Incorporating low power consumption, highly efficient LED lighting in white, our unique upgrade offers remarkable clarity for dusk and nighttime driving. Just look at the picture for a demonstration between standard illumination and our new upgrade. Provided your car is wired negative earth (most cars are now), this exclusive enhancement, available only from us, will greatly improve instrument display clarity and driver enjoyment. Furthermore, your car will retain its original dimmer switch which, for once, may be required to dim the lights!

You need never struggle to check you’re towing the line as you pass the speed camera again. Please contact us for fitted-only prices as they vary between models and transmission.